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Programmatic Display.


Programmatic display is the perfect omnichannel tactic. It can combine with, and enhance, any marketing tactic or stand alone as its own key driver of brand uplift and engagement.

The advantages to programmatic display are numerous, and by working with Lynchpin Media you can unlock them all. Network display buys are no longer an untargeted, volume ‘only’ approach. With the advancement in persona and company targeting, any campaigns run with Lynchpin Media will reflect the highly targeted nature of B2B marketing.

How can it help your marketing strategy?


Uplift your brand in the eyes of your target market. A/B test creatives that explain who you are, and what makes you stand out from the competition.


Drive prospects towards your site. Focusing on key product categories and drilling down into more precise creative messaging is essential, in order to guide opportunities towards further investigation of your brand.


Do you have a call to action (CTA) that dictates the success of marketing spend? With pixelling and tracking, we can optimise our programmatic buys towards a CTA that aligns with your marketing goals – whether that is a demo, event, webinar or even a consultation.

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How do we find the right prospects?

Our programmatic solution combines first and third party data sources to build a complete picture of the audience you are looking to get in front of.

We can apply all of the following parameters to our programmatic display campaigns:

  • Companies:
    Utilise domain to IP targeting for the companies you most want to get in front of.
  • Onsite pixels:
    Allowing Lynchpin Media to place a pixel on your landing page, which can then build a complete image of who is visiting your site and taking actions. This profile will then inform our buying decisions for inventory against future prospects.
  • Persona based targeting:
    Looking at job title or function as a way of focusing in on your audience.
  • Behavioural and contextual:
    Are you only interested in serving ads to those who are displaying interest around certain topics or keywords? If so, this is a targeting capability that Lynchpin can deploy.

Campaigns you can run.

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Standard Programmatic Display

Utilise our platform to focus in on your targeted personas. Serving real-time ads to your specific customer type across Lynchpin Media’s brands and the wider web.

Account-based Marketing & List build

Use your own target account list (TAL) to get in front of the customers you’ve identified as priorities and serve ads directly to those companies. Or utilise Lynchpin Media’s services to build out a TAL for you, based on your targeting personas, keywords and intent.

Prospecting & Retargeting

Focus on traffic driving KPIs and once that audience has interacted, maintain brand engagement through retargeting after they’ve visited your site. Inventory can be bought based on a cost per acquisition model should there be a conversion-based goal on your site, such as a free trial or webinar sign up.

Programmatic Video

Premium ad space bought to get your video content in front of the maximum number of correct eyeballs. Inventory can be bought against the video completion rate (VCR) metric to maximise the impact of your marketing spend.

Enhancing Created Content

Looking to enhance a content creation campaign? Perhaps a Lynchpin Media Priorities Report or an Intelligent Briefing video? Combining such a campaign with programmatic display can ensure eyeballs hit this quality content. When paired with an effective call to action, this combination of marketing channels can be potent.

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Measuring success

Throughout a Programmatic display campaign with us, your dedicated campaign manager will be able to supply you with granular reporting - ensuring campaign optimisation across creatives, audience segments, media channels or formats, devices, etc.

When used to target specific companies, ABM Programmatic display can be combined with ABM lead generation to build a heat map of the companies showing the most interaction with your brand. This data can then be used to inform your CRM or sales strategy.

In short, having your budget centralised with Lynchpin Media, allows optimisations across your entire marketing mix thanks to Programmatic Display.


"72% of B2B companies that sell via seven or more channels grew their market share." Source: The new B2B growth equation, McKinsey & Company

Have any questions about Lynchpin’s lead generation capabilities do not hesitate to reach out to our Director of Global Agency Sales [email protected].